Hello :)

At HubHello, we believe in protecting the innocence of children and we have an unwavering commitment to utilise sector expertise and innovation to make that possible.

(Kidsplaining: We will help you to be your best you.)

HubHello is a web-based ​platform​ for early childhood education and care services (ECEC), families and Government.

The company HubHello Pty Ltd was founded in late 2007 by co-founders Ruby O’Rourke and David Salajan who are still actively involved in operations today. Beginning in Melbourne we have since expanded into a central office in Sydney and with remote supporting staff based in each state.

In 2015, the HubHello team setup Healthy Australia Ltd a not-for-profit ACNC registered charity that exists to promote the health and wellbeing of people living in Australia by deploying social impact programs across the ECEC sector. The Feed Australia and Safe programs were developed with our partners the University of Newcastle, Hunter New England Population Health, CSIRO and Westpac.

Our why: the child

Whether engaging with clients or supporters in the sector, our people are always focused on what impact our decisions and actions will have on the child. That’s why at HubHello we seek to unite the community around every child. We empower families and services with the tools to enrich every child’s development through evidence-based social services solutions in child safety, health and education.

We are also the pioneering ECEC software provider of nutritional education and early intervention protection programs - and we will continue to advocate their inclusion in delivering greater and more sustainable early childhood development outcomes.

(Kidsplaining: We will never stop championing for you to feel safe, happy and full of beans.)

Our values

  1. Embrace youthful curiosity - Creative thinking (and a little quirkiness) to drive innovation
  2. Be authentic and accountable - Take initiative, engage with genuine care and take responsibility for our actions
  3. Always act with integrity - Follow a moral code of conduct to ensure everything we do is in the best interests of all children
  4. Look out for each other - Collaborate to learn and solve problems together

Our motto

Hello youthful curiosity, you've come to a safe space.